One of CIRI's mission areas focuses on transferring knowledge through education and workforce development activities. Our event calendar will feature a blend of our own educational programming and selected industry events and activities. If you would like to receive updates about our events, subscribe to our mailing list.

Upcoming Events

12/13/18,1 pm CT
CIRI Webinar: Cyber Risk Scoring and Mitigation for Resilient Cyber Infrastructure Sachin Shetty, Old Dominion University
2/5/19,3 pm CT
Online and 1030 NCSA
CIRI Webinar: "Detecting GPS Spoofing via a Multi-Receiver Hybrid Communication Network for Power Grids" Grace Gao, Tara Mina, and Sriramya Bhamidipati, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
3/4/19,1 pm CT
Online, details soon
CIRI Webinar Aaron Clark-Ginsberg, RAND Corporation


Event Archive

Webinar: Mapping Infrastructure Interdependencies - Why It Matters and What It Can Be Used For, 1 pm Nov. 15, 2018
Speaker: Iris Tien, Georgia Tech

Webinar: Measuring the Cost Effectiveness of Static Economic Resilience, 1 pm Oct. 25, 2018
Speakers: Adam Rose, USC, and Noah Dormandy, Ohio State

Webinar: Dynamic Resiliency Modeling and Planning for Interdependent Critical Infrastructures, 1 pm Sept. 20, 2018
Speakers: Quanyan Zhu and Rae Zimmerman, New York University

Webinar: Resilience in Automotive Intrusion Detection Systems. 3 pm Aug. 8, 2018
Speaker: Gedare Bloom, Howard University

Webinar: Impact Assessment of Hydro-Meteorological Events on Texas Pavements and Development of Resiliency Strategy​, 3 pm July 30, 2018
Speakers: Vivek Tandon, Angel Rodarte, and Jorge Navarrete, DHS Summer Research Team

Webinar: Visualizing Complexity: Data is Useless, Wisdom is Priceless, 1 pm June 26, 2018
Speaker: Brian Barnes, RS21

Webinar: LEFT: A Testbed for Assessing Resiliency of LTE Mobile Communication Systems, April 30, 2018
Speaker: Guanhua Yan, Binghamton University

Webinar: Assessment and Measurement of Port Disruptions, 3 pm March 27, 2018
Speaker: Gabriel Weaver, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Webinar: Cyber Warfare and Critical Infrastructure: Actions and Activities of the Department of Defense and National Guard, 3 pm Feb. 27, 2018
Speaker: Maj. Gen. Richard Hayes, Illinois National Guard

Webinar: Identifying and Analyzing Implicit Interactions in Critical Infrastructure Systems, 1 pm Jan. 25, 2018
Speaker: Jason Jaskolka, Carleton University

Webinar: Improving U.S. Transportation Infrastructure Resilience through Insurance and Incentives, 1 pm Dec. 6, 2017
Speakers: Gina Tonn and Jeff Czajkowski, Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center, University of Pennsylvania

Webinar: DHS’s Role in Protecting Critical Infrastructure, 1 pm Nov. 1, 2017
Speaker: Matthew Coats, Deputy Director, DHS S&T Office of University Programs

Webinar: Analyzing Cyberincidents from a Risk Assessment Perspective, 3 pm Sept. 26, 2017
Speaker: Jay Kesan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign