Center for Advancing Education and Studies on Critical Infrastructures Resilience

Research Team Leadership

  • PI: Jason Liu, Florida International University
  • Co-PI: S. S. Iyengar, Florida International University

Project Overview

To address existing deficiencies in the current education, research, workforce development involving minority students in the Homeland Security Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (HS- STEM) areas of interest, Florida International University (FIU) proposes to create the Center for Advancing Education and Studies on Critical Infrastructures Resilience (CAESCIR). The Center is expected to provide an integrated research and education framework with a specific focus on improving our nation’s critical infrastructures security and resilience.

The Center will engage a wide range of education and research activities:

  1. Provide scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students specialized in HS-STEM areas and provide them with proactive advising, peer mentoring, career guidance, as well as assistance in internship opportunities in our research labs, at industry/government labs, and at our partner DHS COE.
  2. Coordinate teaching of HS-STEM topics, by incorporating related materials and integrating research outcomes in existing Computer Science, Information Technology, and Cybersecurity courses at FIU, and develop new courses to explore new areas and emerging technological challenges in critical infrastructure resilience.
  3. Leverage our strong research expertise and pursue innovative research projects in important areas of critical infrastructure resilience.
  4. Engage early career faculty with the support of senior faculty participants to pursue integrated HS-STEM research and education activities.