Dynamic Resiliency Modeling and Planning for Interdependent Critical Infrastructure

Research Team Leadership

  • PI: Quanyan Zhu, New York University
  • Co-PI: Rae Zimmerman, New York University

Project Overview

Critical infrastructures are evolving to be more diverse and increasingly connected. The growing complexity creates convoluted dependencies and interdependencies between infrastructures arising from cyber-physical and human interactions between their components. The overarching goal of this project is to construct multilayer models to capture and visualize the dependencies and the interdependencies. The holistic view of the joint multi-layer networks can be used to identify patterns of failures through network motifs and assess risks of cascading failures and the network resilience. The project will leverage network analytical tools to develop algorithms and computational methods to measure the resilience of interdependent critical infrastructures, and leverage optimization techniques to develop decision analytic tools to assist policy and decision makers to make optimal resiliency planning.