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External Advisory Board

Carol Adkins
Sandia National Laboratories
Todd E. Combs
Argonne National Laboratory
Interim Associate Laboratory Director
Paolo Gardoni
University of Illinois
Co-Director, Societal Risk Management Program / Director, MAE Center
Shaun Gleason
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Director, Computational Sciences and Engineering Division
Pete Grandgeorge
MidAmerican Energy Company
Program Manager
Ed Hammersla
Chief Executive Officer
MG Richard Hayes, Jr.
Illinois National Guard of the State of Illinois
The Adjutant General
James Joseph
Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Murray Kenyon
U.S. Bank
Cybersecurity Workforce Development
Bob Kolasky
US Department of Homeland Security, Office of Infrastructure Protection
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Michael Marx
Managing Supervisor, Distribution Operating Support
Leigh McCook
Georgia Tech Research Institute
Division Chief, Information and Communications Laboratory
Francis McCormick
American Water
Operations Security
Drew Orsinger
CME Group
Executive Director & Chief Security Officer
Kevin Pennell
Department of Homeland Security in Springfield, Illinois
Protective Security Advisor
Charles Rath
Resilient Solutions 21
President & CEO
Danny Reible
Texas Tech University
Vikram Saksena
NetScout Systems
CTO for Virtualization Technologies
Brent Stacey
Idaho National Laboratory
Associate Laboratory Director, National & Homeland Security
Dong Wei
Siemens Corporate Technology Center
Research Scientist