Defining a Critical Problem

From aging systems to natural disasters, and from equipment failures to deliberate attacks by hostile entities, critical infrastructure systems are facing a myriad of challenges. Solutions must address the cyber, physical, and human dimensions so CIRI has assembled an interdisciplinary team that draws expertise from engineering, business, law, political science, economics, and more.

Our Strategic Mission Areas

The National Imperative of
Critical Infrastructure Resilience

Financial Markets

U.S. stock market average daily trading volume is $268 billion.

Source: Bats Global Markets


Hacking is the cause of 80-percent of 2017 healthcare data breaches.

Source: Office for Civil Rights


U.S. maritime ports processed 2,346 million tons of product in 2014.

Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics


$400 billion of U.S. intellectual property is compromised each year in cyberattacks.

Source: Cyber Security Intelligence Index

A panel of Experts

Critical infrastructure resilience is a broad and complex topic. Spanning 16 distinct sectors, solutions to some of the most pressing infrastructure issues require input from the best minds in a variety of fields. Our research team and our external advisory board bring experience, creative outlooks, and a commitment to problem solving. We are honored to work with such a renowned group of professionals.

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