Critical Research Goals

The efficient and predictable functioning of both physical and cyber assets are the foundation of our society and economy. CIRI research addresses the needs of a multitude of infrastructure sectors, including energy, food and agriculture, government, transportation and shipping, telecommunications, water, emergency services, public health systems, financial systems, and more.

Building the Business Case for Infrastructure Development

CIRI is working to understand and define market incentives that will spur investment in the security and resilience of infrastructure and supply chains.

Informing the Regulatory Environment

CIRI is helping policymakers and regulatory bodies craft sound policies that complement market forces to improve planning, coordination, and response to infrastructure disruptions.

Developing New Tools and Technology

Our team is uniquely positioned to develop and bring to market innovative tools, technologies, and knowledge products needed by business owners and infrastructure owners and operators.

Fostering an Educated Workforce

We support the development of a national workforce that can create and deploy the solutions of today, tomorrow, and beyond to manage a constantly evolving threat landscape.