DHS Summer Research Team: Maria Tomasso

7/28/2021 2:40:24 PM

Your name:
- Maria Tomasso Research to help 911 call centers assess, mitigate, and manage cyber risk
Advisor’s name:
- Dr. Dan Tamir
Where are you from?
- San Marcos, TX
What university do you attend?
- Texas State University
What is your major and why are you interested studying/working in your field of study?
- I have just finished the first year of my PhD program in computer science, but my prior degrees were in applied math and statistics. I just enjoy all things data science and my PhD program is giving me a chance to learn more about machine learning and data driven models.
What kind of work would you like to do in the future?
- I am interested in either academia or government research once I finish my PhD.
What other plans do you have for the future?
- Eventually I want to see Antarctica!
Do you have any hidden talents you would like to tell us about?
- I got really good at making artisanal pickles and jams during quarantine.