Exploring collaborations with USTRANSCOM

9/14/2017 Kim Gudeman

CIRI Director David Nicol and Executive Director Randy Sandone will meet with Lt. Gen. Broadmeadow, Deputy Commander of USTRANSCOM, on Sept. 25 to discuss collaboration opportunities. CIRI has been negotiating a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with USTRANSCOM that will allow the two organizations to test and validate research findings and capabilities developed at CIRI within USTRANSCOM’s real-world, global supply chain processes. 

USTRANSCOM will benefit from identifying tools and capabilities that can improve the command’s mission assurance posture by strengthening the security and resilience of its mission-critical supply chain. USTRANSCOM represents an ideal real-world test bed for CIRI-developed capabilities, tools, and technologies – particularly those related to cybersecurity. 

Lt.Gen. Broadmeadow is responsible for all research and development activities at USTRANSCOM.